• Three Bedroom Apartment
  • Three Bedroom Apartment
  • Three Bedroom Apartment
Bed & Breakfast
Accommodation | Breakfast
1 adult to accommodate this room.
USD 355.00
for 1 night
Sun, 26 Sep 2021
Meals : Bed & Beakfast
Number of adults: 4 Max
Babies: below 3 years | Children: 3 - 17 years | Adult: 18 years and above
    • Fridge
    • Kitchenware
    • Balcony
    • Desk
    • Sitting area
    • Bathroom with Shower
    • Free Internet (LAN or Wi-Fi)
    • Bathroom with Bathtub
    • Kitchen
    • Fully Furnished & Serviced
    • In-room Satellite TV
    • 24 Hours Electricity
    • 24 Hours Hot and Cold Water
    • Free Access to Kabira Country Club & Munyonyo Commonwealth Resort
  • Apartments of this size in Kampala are bound to make an indelible impression on anyone who visits this sumptuous apartment. This is a stay you can not only dream about but make a reality at speke Apartments. The interiors of our apartments are designer inspired with wonderful furnishings, tasteful décor and all the modern conveniences you desire.


    We are dedicated to your comfort and enjoyment during your stay. Anything you need, just ask. We have modern, up-to-date facilities combined with an old-fashioned attention to personal service. It’s a combination that represents an unforgettable experience.



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